Neel Guha

Neel Guha 

Neel Guha
PhD Candidate, Department of Computer Science, Stanford University
JD Candidate, Stanford Law School
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Email: nguha [at] cs (dot) stanford (dot) edu

About me

I'm a first year JD-PhD student in Computer Science at Stanford University. I'm affiliated with the Hazy Research Lab, RegLab and Magic Lab. I graduated with a MS in Machine Learning from Carnegie Mellon University ('19) and a BSH in Computer Science from Stanford University ('18).

My CS interests center on machine learning techniques that better incorporate structured forms of reasoning. My legal interests focus on the intersection of machine learning and law, especially as it relates to legal tech, liability, and privacy.

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Outside of school, I've spent time at Google, Laserlike, the Federal Communications Commission, and Harvard's Institute for Quantative Social Science.